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UMRAA is one of our instant scarf collections that have the same function as Lily scarf. The difference is has CHIN COVER. Cotton material is still our preference for the visor to ensure she is comfort to be worn all day long. She is simple yet attractive! Our specialty other than the type of material used, the visor cutting is long up to the jaw area. It is specially designed to cover up the chubby cheek (makes your face looks slimmer), apart from hiding your stray hair. The edge of the visor is sewn using double stitches method to ensure that it won’t stick on your forehead and easily shaped around your face. Can be matched with printed or even plain blouse, jubah or kurung. Afraid that you will look older wearing an instant scarf? Worry not! Wear it for casual OOTD with your jeans pants! Four (4) years of R&D finally produces a super comfy, modest HASSLE-FREE scarf that has all the below benefits to those who wear them:
 Comfortable to be worn all day long
 Fluffy customized cotton material
 Hassle-free (ready in 3 seconds without mirror)
 Cutting of the awning ensures a slimming effect
 Easy to shape
 Absorbing sweat material
 Specky friendly
 Sports friendly
 Age friendly (even perfect for your little princess)
 Solat ready 
 No more grumpy looking face husband haha
 Tahan lasak
 Pantas bersiap kemas & cantik dalam hanya tiga (3) saat!
 Menguruskan muka yang tembam
 Tidak Perlu digosok!
 Kemas terbentuk mengikut bentuk muka
 Menggembirakan hati suami yang tidak perlu lagi menunggu anda bersiap lama
 Solat ready 
 Awning boleh dipakai muncung atau melekap mengikut kesesuaian bentuk muka
 Material cotton yang serap peluh
 Selesa sepanjang hari kerana material yang ringan dan gebu
 Tidak melekap di badan (lampung)
 Specky friendly. Tudung tidak kembang di bahagian tepi mata
 Cutting regular yang lebar menepati syari'ah
 Mesra sukan

Material :: 2017 Customized Improved Quality Stretchable Cotton (using Lily the Return material)
Face Opening ::  (M) +/-11inch, (L) +/-11inch, 
(XL) +/-11inch
Frontial Length ::  (M) +/-16inch, (L) +/-20inch, (XL) +/-25inch
Back Length :: (M) +/-25inch, (L) +/-26inch, (XL) +/-40inch
Retail Price :: (M) RM49.00, (L) RM55.00, (XL) RM59.00
Total colors available (24)

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