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LUNAA (Slim Cutting)

Ironless yes it is! LUNAA scarf is one of our special edition May 2018 collection that comes in new material for body. LUNAA is one of our instant scarf collections that have the same function as Adeliaa scarf. The difference is Adeliaa has used same material for visor,piping and body with contra colors.

Cotton material is still our preference for the visor to ensure she is comfort to be worn all day long. Lunaa looks more attractive compared to Lily as we combined two colours in one scarf. She is simple yet attractive! Our specialty other than the type of material used, the visor cutting is long up to the jaw area. It is specially designed to cover up the chubby cheek (makes your face looks slimmer), apart from hiding your stray hair. The edge of the visor is sewn using double stitches method to ensure that it won’t stick on your forehead and easily shaped around your face. Can be matched with printed or even plain blouse, jubah or kurung.

Afraid that you will look older wearing an instant scarf? Worry not! Wear it for casual OOTD with your jeans pants!

Body Material ::  Moss Crepe
Awning/Piping Material ::  Stretchable Cotton 
Frontial Length ::  (M) +/- 17inch
Face Opening :: 
(M) +/-11inch
Back Length ::  (M) +/-28inch
Size :: M  (Slim Cutting) 
Price for Loose :: RM55(M) 
Total design available (29)

**NOTE: The color might be diferent due to the lighting**

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